Vintage Food Corporation

One of the largest sources of premium Mediterranean specialty food products since 1992…

Vintage in 1992
Vintage in 1997
Vintage in 2001
Vintage in 2011
Vintage in 2023


Established in 1992

While studying in METU (Middle East Technical University) under Electrical Engineering major, Levent Demirgil landed in New York by taking a break from the school to pursue his education in the US. By gaining experience with working under different types of businesses, he decided to settle on food trade business by starting to operate his own food store in Brighton Beach/Brooklyn. After two years of his experience in the market, his second store was established on Brooklyn 86th Street.

Vintage Food in 1992


Started To Wholesale in 1997

In 1997, Demirgil started the food wholesale business by importing grocery products for the first time in Brooklyn Sunset Industrial Park where he had rented a 5,000 sf warehouse then increased to 30,000 sf. With the imported goods, he was able to both meet the needs of his own stores and start wholesale to other businesses.


The Start of Growth in 2001

By improving the sales and distribution network Vintage Food started distributing to the cities and states nearby then began to increase its import capacity so eventually became successful enough to compete with other importer companies.

Start of Halal Meat Manufacturing in 2001

While the company was growing in terms of import and distribution, Demirgil started an attempt to manifacture Halal Meat and Meat products, which the market was lacking to provide enough, by buying the halal slaughterhouse and meat processing facility in Quakertown, Pennslyvania under the brand name MERVE.


New Location, Moving to New Jersey, 2011

When the location in Brooklyn began to be insufficient for the operations, with the aim of providing a better service; the company headquarter has moved to 148,000 sf new location which is close to one of the most important cross transportation points in Kearny, New Jersey.



In February, 2023, Ziyad Brothers acquired Vintage Food Corporation, a leading distributor of branded Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European food and beverage products. With this new partnership, Ziyad and Vintage have expanded their product portfolio to over 3,000 products to continue to offer consumers a high quality, delicious assortment of international products.

Vintage Food Corp is currently reaching directly over 3800 food retailers/local wholesalers/food services and additional 2000 food establishments via local wholesalers/distributors in USA and Canada. Our new warehouse is 148,000 sq.ft with a 36,000 sq.ft cooler/freezer area and a parking capacity of 60 containers. Our fleet includes 5 full-container trailers, 6 large delivery trucks and 2 vans, all refrigerated.

Vintage’s sales team consists of 20 dynamic, self-motivated team members that have strong product knowledge, focus and service-oriented approach. The team’s focus is to get to know the customers, understand their needs and find the right brands/products for their retail/food service locations rather than order-taking and/or forceful sales techniques. Our team leaders act as bridges that allow trends and industry related information flow consistently to the members of the team. Vintage, as a whole organization understands that providing excellent service cannot be done by individuals but instead with the equal contribution of all units (purchasing, logistic, sales, marketing, management, accounting, delivery and so forth).

Our Local Sales Team is based in NJ, serving New York, New Jersey area. In addition, we have a client service team that serves out-of-state clients at Vintage corporate offices via phone/email. Our National Sales Team covers main regions of the nation, East Coast (based in Boston), Midwest (based in Chicago), South (based in Florida), West (based in LA) by finding the right local wholesalers, distributors and handling key accounts.

Having a wide variety of over 2500 dry, cold and frozen food products, Vintage food is proudly providing service to customers all over the US. Having a range of the best and the most trusted brands of the market in its product portfolio, Vintage Food is highly proud to provide its own brands to the customers' needs. We are glad and thankful to have the support of our customers and the consumers…