1. Picking the right assortment of cheeses and condiments.

– Cheese variations: you want to include a variety of cheeses: firmness and texture (from soft to hard), taste (from mild to sharp), and the type of milk of each cheese (cow, sheep, goat).

– Condiments: you want to make sure you pick things that are:

  • Sweet and fruity: such as: compotes, Ziyad Brand jams, Ziyad Brand honey and honeycomb, fresh fruits and dried fruits to compliment the various cheeses.
  • Crunchy: such as pretzels, chips, crackers, bread sticks, bread etc.
  • Briny: such as Ziyad Brand olives and pickles.
  • Meaty: salami, cold-cuts, and sausages.

2. Serve-ware: nice boards of different sizes and materials (wood, slate, marble etc.) will make for an eye-catching centerpiece. Cheese knives for the various types of cheeses and serving bowls and spoons for condiments.

3. To serve: Unwrap 1 hour before serving. Bringing the cheese to room temperature brings out the cheeseā€™s aromatics and nuances.

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