The concept is very similar to the tapas of Spain, but with different ingredients. It’s small plates to be shared during the holidays, parties and a fun way to entertain your guests.  It’s meant to be eaten slowly and over the course of a few hours and not to be rushed. The Assortment of ingredients makes this style of eating perfect for everyone. Plates or ingredients are often offered in abundance making it a great and filling choice for an appetizer in a party or even a dinner party. We are going to show you how to put an incredibly Easy and delicious platter in no time.

The secret to keeping a Mezze board EASY:

1. Use a mix of homemade and store-bought ingredients and spreads.

2. Then simply add plenty of in-season produce or fresh elements.

3. Ingredients must be easy to eat with bread or a fork.

4. Keep in mind to have something for everyone from vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters…because no one should ever be left out.

How to build a Mezze Platter:

1. Pick  your ingredients: make sure to include a variety of ingredients, tastes and textures.  A well-executed mezze board includes:
– Dips and spreads like hummus, Baba ghanouj and Labna
– Hot items: kibbeh, falafel, savory pastries, hot potatoes , sausage, grilled veggies, even grilled meats
– Cold or fresh items : salad like tabouli or fresh seasonal produce
– Try selecting a mix of classic dishes and some with twists to include on your board.

2. Serveware: nice boards of different sizes and materials (wood, slate, marble, etc.) will make for an eye-catching centerpiece. Look for a large platter that will serve as a centerpiece full of food. If you have a big party, make more than one board.

3. Utensils and serving bowls: cheese knives and various spoons for the different types of food and serving bowls for condiments.

4. Architect your board: place it at the center first and then place items strategically to where they should be.  Hummus would need bread or cut up veggies to dip. Then fill your board around the main dishes.

Make your own Mezze Platter or try our own!

Mezze Platter Recipe:

Tabouli Salad Recipe: 

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